Fact Sheet

Developer: Glovebox Games LLC

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: PC (other platforms TBD)

Website: beardblade.com, gloveboxgames.com

Price: TBD

Social Media: Twitter, Tumblr

Press Contact: contact@gloveboxgames.com


Beard Blade is a 2D action platformer inspired by SNES, Genesis and GBA legends. Attack, glide, throw, push, climb and more using your beard to get you through hairy situations, or switch up your beard style to change the way you play. Master every move to get through several challenging levels, each packed to the brim with enemies and secrets. Carefully comb through every area to restore all of the village's lost treasures as well as your own personal belongings.


When a quaint seaside town is invaded by imps, a humble bearded farmer assumes the role as hero and chases them back to their vile isle. After an unsuccessful attempt to reclaim the stolen goods, our hero is thrown into a fortress dungeon and left for dead. Amongst a group of hostages attempting to escape, Branson meets a reformed wizard-turned-barber who enchants his beard as a last-ditch effort, granting him amazing new abilities that allow the captives to flee through the dungeon's sewer. Now aptly dubbed "Beard Blade," our hero sets forth to thwart the imps and uncover the truth behind a dark secret...


  • Bash, grab, glide and more with the powers of your enchanted beard
  • Change your beard style to mix-up your moveset and crush abrasive baddies
  • Explore colorful worlds and meet a cast of humorous characters
  • Master timed-hits to defeat foes and reach hidden areas
  • Lots of hidden treasures to collect and side-quests to complete
  • Challenging action platforming of yesteryear combined with modern refinements
  • 16-bit aesthetics and audio influenced by SNES, Genesis and GBA classics
  • More features TBA as development progresses


Glovebox Games is an independent development team of two, founded by Aaron Clark and Joe Andrews. Growing up in a time where AAA games meant polished 2D platforming, we've always dreamed of creating our own 16-bit adventures. Beard Blade is the result of letting those childhood memories ferment over two decades into something weird and wonderful. Combining their animation talents and design experience, Glovebox Games was born.


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There are currently no artwork or illustrations at this time.



Joseph Andrews - Art, Programming, Design

Aaron Clark - Art, Design

Steven Melin - Music

Shannon Mason - Sound

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